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DEP declares Air Quality Action Day for June 28 & 29

A(n) Air Quality Action Day has been declared for Susquehanna Valley Area, PA, on Wednesday, Jun 28 and Thursday, Jun 29
Today and Tomorrow’s Forecast
Wednesday, Jun 28:175 AQIUnhealthyParticle Pollution (2.5 microns)
 38 AQIGoodOzone
Thursday, Jun 29:125 AQIUnhealthy for Sensitive GroupsParticle Pollution (2.5 microns)
 42 AQIGoodOzone

Wednesday Morning Update: The wildfire smoke has progressed further east overnight faster than models have been projecting, resulting in the higher concentrations of fine particulate matter (PM-2.5) reaching the area from the northwest earlier on Wednesday earlier than expected. The forecast has been upgraded to a CODE RED Air Quality Action Day. *** Wednesday’s Forecast: High pressure begins to build over the region on Wednesday as the low-pressure system that brought showers and thunderstorms the last few days slides off to the north and east. This will lead to a decrease in cloud cover by late in the day. The arrival of some wildfire smoke on a northwesterly breeze will lead to an increase in concentrations of fine particulate matter (PM-2.5), however. The area between the departing low and the arriving high will transport the wildfire smoke from the eastern Canadian fires that have been burning all month into the region. Air quality conditions may rapidly deteriorate at times. A CODE RED Air Quality Action Day for PM-2.5 has been declared for Wednesday. Concentrations will rise during the morning hours with the highest hourly concentrations expected to occur late in the day as the smoke continues to advance south and eastward. Residents are encouraged to check to see current conditions and the recommendations that go along with those conditions. With mostly cloudy conditions early and decreasing clouds later along with the haze from the smoke, ozone formation will be limited to keep concentrations in the good range. *** Extended Outlook: Dry conditions will continue Thursday. A warm front trying to lift north will turn the flow to more southerly during the evening hours. Continuation of northwesterly to westerly flow early in the day will allow for elevated PM-2.5 concentrations to linger into Thursday. It is looking likely that an Air Quality Action Day for at least CODE ORANGE will be declared for Thursday. Development of these conditions for Thursday will be monitored throughout the day on Wednesday with a forecast update by Wednesday afternoon. Even with mostly sunny skies, haze from the wildfire smoke will likely continue to limit ozone formation for Thursday. Air quality conditions are expected to begin improving late Friday into Saturday as more unsettled weather looks to return for the weekend. — Roble

 Current air quality monitoring data for the Susquehanna Valley Area and other locations across Pennsylvania can be found at the EPA’s AirNow Interactive Map.