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CAB files comments on “Transparency Rule”

On May 15, 2020, the Clean Air Board of Central Pennsylvania  filed written comments opposing EPA’s proposed rule  entitled “Strengthening Transparency in Science.”  CAB expressed concern that the proposed rule will work to create barriers to the use of highly respected and valuable epidemiological studies in EPA’s decisions.  Along with other consequences, under the proposed rule, large epidemiological studies like the effect of air pollution and correlation with public health in regard to respiratory, cardiac, and neurological impacts would be discounted, to the detriment of people living close to polluting sources.

The full comment statement can be found here.


The Sentinel: Clean Air Board’s fight to clear the air in Carlisle

June 1, 2018, Joe Cress The Sentinel

Sometimes the proudest achievement is the hardest one to measure in terms of its impact down the road.Such is the case with the Clean Air Board of Central Pennsylvania and the lobbying effort it led a decade ago to implement anti-idling legislation.

That legislation put into place time limits on idling in the hope the new restrictions could reduce fine particulate emissions from diesel engine exhausts.